Genial y libre Jamika Ajalon

Este largo y oscuro invierno berlines dedico mi tiempo, entre otras cosas, a un mapa online de artistas feministas europeas -sobre el que escribiré seguro que mucho pero más adelante. Así he descubierto a la protagonista de este post que ya he añadido a mi altar, Jamika Ajalon. Poetisa, cantautora, directora de cine y por encima de todo un espíritu libre. Con todos vosotros:

I came to earth as an alien is the title of a poem and the latest cd of poet, song writer and filmmaker Jamika Ajalon. It is also “a life motif for me” she writes. “... growing up a chocolate chip in a predominantly white suburbia ... I didn’t feel as if i fit anywhere. In the black community I didn’t adhere to codes of blackness ... In the straight community i couldn’t pass for a girl and i had feelings for other girls ... OUT in the real world ... (i was) still searching for aliens as me ... and of course discovered not all of them were black. I found links with OTHERS who were often hailed with glances saying “Who are you - a freak?”, as we did not fit nicely into any category. ... This made my little alien inside furious - and i began to shout (write, film, sing) about it. Meanwhile I guess I realised that NOBODY FITS.”

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